EPISODE 1 - 18 December 2011

Daksh built a temple for Lord Vishnu but refuse to give any place to Shiva. Daksh's daughter Sati (also known as Gauri) hears the name of Shiva for the first time. Maharishi Dadhichi tells Sati that without Shivling the statue of Lord Vishnu would not enter in the temple. A sculptor, who built the statue gives Shivling to Sati and ask her to place it on the statue. After seeing placed Shivling to the statue, Daksh gets angry. Dadhichi arrives and tell him that without Shivling Lord Vishnu would never accept this temple. Daksh denied this and challenge the existence of Shiva. He give a Belpatra to Sati ask her to call Shiva. Sati calls Shiva and Shiva appears by her request. Sati sees Shiva for the first time.

Episode 2