EPISODE 101- 10 April

Shiva and Sati talk about their love for each other on their wedding night. Sati leaves Shiv for a moment to arrange a room for him to rest. Revati tells Sati that Shiva loves nature, so she and Revati decorates the garden for Shiva. Nature itself helps them by growing lots of flowers and decorating the the ground with it as well as creating a swing made of leaves and vine. Tarakasur enraged when he hears that Shiva and Sati are married now. We also come to know that Vritrasur is alive, but has lost his shape-shifting powers due to his previous fight with Shiva. Tarakasur then pins his hopes on Shukracharya that he can come up with some sort of plan to eliminate Sati. Until then, Tarakasur orders that they have to keep a close watch on Sati. Sati takes Shiva to the garden where she arranges the place to rest.

Episode 100

Episode 102

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