EPISODE 102- 11 April

On her arrival at Daksh's palace, Vijaya is embraced by Prasuti and felicitated by her sisters. Prasuti seeks permission from Daksh for Sati's marriage ritual, but Daksh gets furious. Vijaya vowed to hereself to destroy Sati's married life because she had always been jealous of the fact that Sati used to be the most loved out of all of Daksh's daughters. On meeting Lord Shiva and Sati, Vijaya taunts on their visit to Kailash. Later, she pretends to apologize to Lord Shiva in front of Prasuti and Sati. She organizes a grand feast on the occasion of Sati's marriage and invites Lord Shiva. During the feast, she teases the servants of Lord Shiva with the various food items available which the servants would obviously not know of as they were not used to having good food. Even though Nandi told them to behave in front of others(including Indra and other gods), Kan lost control over himself and snatched the sweet from Vijaya's hands. But the real disaster occured later. Provoked by Vijaya's deliberate display of food items, impatient Kan snatched the food bowl from Sati's hands and then all of Shiva's servants jumped in on the food. Everyone, including Sati stared in shock.

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