EPISODE 103- 12 April

Lord Shiva comes in a feast and shares a space with his attendants. Mahadev is elated on having the grand feast with his devotees at Daksh palace. Shiv offers Sati to have food with him. Shiva and Sati feeds each other food by their hands. After seeing this, everyone joins to have feast with Shiva. However, Sati feels dejected with Daksh's absence and the mess at the feast. Vijaya plan backfires, but she conspires another plan and ask Daksh to do something to insult Shiva. Sati apologizes to Daksh for marrying Shiva against his will, but Daksh pretends to console her. Nandi and Rishi Dadhichi talk after the feast wherein Nandi says that his stomach is still not full. Dadhichi doubts this, as the feast had a large number of items. Then, Nandi explains that though being a bull, he can talk and walk like a human, his appetite is still like a bull. Dadhichi then invites him to his ashram, but Prasuti interjects and offers Nandi so much food that his stomach becomes full. Shiva is sitting in his full glory on the rock in Daksh's garden and is surrounded by Rishi Atri, Kashyap, their wives; and an interesting debate now starts - Kashyap asks to Shiva as to how he would continue his yogic life now that he is married to Sati. Shiva replies that both yogic life and householder life can go hand-in-hand provided that the householder removes the "doership" from himself (i.e. performing action without getting attached to the action itself). Daksh arrives and states that it is impossible to do such an act and Daksh asks Shiva that will he join him to do a yagya (sacrifice as per Vedic scriptures), to which Shiva agrees to do. Shiva states that his attending the Yagna will help Daksha to dispel his doubts on concept of non-attached action.

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