EPISODE 104- 14 April

Lord Shiva decides to attend Prajapati Daksh's Yagya before leaving for Kailash, while Prajapati invites everyone for the event. Sati suspects that Prajapati might insult Mahadev at the Yagya, while Sati's elder sister Vijaya instigates Sati against Mahadev. Meanwhile, Rishi Bhrigu predicts something inauspicious in Sati's married life. Bhrigu tells Kashyap that according to the horoscopes, Shiva and Sati's married life will be full of difficulties. Rishi Kashyap gets worried on learning Rishi Bhrigu's prediction. Shiva and Sati comes to attend Daksh's yagya. At the Yagya, Daksh surprises everyone by preventing Mahadev from entering the venue. He expresses his surprise that Shiva had agreed to attend the yagya. Shiva replies by saying he had come, but he would participate only if Daksh gives him permission.

Episode 103

Episode 105

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