EPISODE 105- 15 April

Daksh berates Vijaya for not informing Lord Shiva about the procedure of yajna. Daksh asks Mahadev to get rid off the snake and leather clothes to participate in the yajna. He also asks him to bathe to remove the ash on his body, apply sandalwood on his body and wear a garland of tulsi instead of rudraksh. Daksh informs Mahadev that external cleanliness is most important during yajna but Mahadev does not believe him. Shiva refuses to change his appearence because he thinks that a yagya should be perform by neat heart, thereby implying that it is clarity and purity of thoughts that is important - external paraphernalia is for appearance only. Daksh disagrees, and arranges a seat for Shiva and Sati away from yagya. After the yagya, the lesser Gods appear and gives Shiva his part of share. Daksh is enraged over knowing this that the yagya he performs all this time, Shiv had his share in all those yagya. Daksh feels betrayed and warns that he will ban all the yagya if a share is unknowingly going to anyone (implying Lord Shiva). Shiva says that he doesn't have to do this, as his sole intention of coming to Daksh's Yagna was to prove that yogic life and householder life doesnt contradict and that simple penance is equal to performance of Yagna. Then Mahadev declares that henceforth he would not accept any share of the yagya till Daksh didn't himself give such permission.

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