EPISODE 106- 16 April

Sati asks Shiva that why he bears so much insult by Daksh. Shiva says that Daksh is the reason that they are married now. Lord Shiva praises Daksh's ideality and principles to Sati. Meanwhile, Daksh and Vijaya plots another plan. Vijaya tells her father that he would have to ask forgiveness from Mahadev. She also insists Daksh to persuade Lord Shiva to stay forever with Sati at his palace. However, Daksh is against Vijaya's opinion. But he accepts it reluctantly. Tarakasur prays to his Guru, Shukracharya, to help him succeed in his attack on Lord Shiva and Sati. His Guru scolds him and asks him not to attack. He says that he is praying to Mahadev so as to obtain the Sanjivani mantra, so even if Tarakasur is killed by Shiva's son, he can be ressurected again. Rishi Dadhichi requests Mahadev and Sati to visit his ashram. Shiva lets Sati take the decision whether to go or not and instructs her that she would always be the one taking decisions concerning him. Sati agrees to visit the ashram. Finally, Daksh apologizes to Lord Shiva and requests him to stay forever at his palace. Lord Shiva leaves the decision to Sati.

Episode 105

Episode 107

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