EPISODE 107- 16 April

Sati is against Daksh's opinion to stay forever with Lord Shiva at his palace. She desires to go to Kailash with Lord Shiva at the earliest. She says that if Mahadev stays at Daksh's palace, Sati's married life would be difficult due to the differing principles of Daksh and Shiva. Daksh agrees to Sati's decision. Prasuti blesses Sati for her prosperous life with Lord Shiva. On learning about Sati's departure to Kailash, Rishi Bhrigu predicts to Daksh about non-auspiciousness towards Sati (Shiva being free from it). He also says that if Sati returns again to the palace, it will be very inauspicious for Daksh too. Daksh opposes Rishi Bhrigu's prediction and also instructs him not to say anything about this inauspiciousness to anybody, in accordance with the promise which he had taken before getting the post of Daksh's adviser. Meanwhile Sati, Aditi, Revati, Prasuti, Shiva and Nandi go to the riverside to do a little prayer ceremony. Then Prasuti tells Sati and Shiva to look at their reflection in water as she believes that more clearer their reflection, the more happier would be their married life. But as soon as they look, the river gets disturbed badly, panicking one and all.

Episode 106

Episode 108

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