EPISODE 111- 23 April,2012

Rishi Atharva arrives at Rishi Dadhichi's ashram and requests to meet Lord Shiva so that he can certify the scriptures he has written as the 'Atharva' Veda. Dadhichi asks him to wait for Mahadev. Sati gives three promises to Lord Shiva. First that she will obey him, second that she will not tell a lie and third that she will not hide anything from him. Tarakasur orders Chitrasur to kill Sati. Lord Shiva certifies the mantras written by Rishi Atharva and names them "Atharva Veda". Lord Brahma's four sons complain to Daksh about this incident and he asks them to defeat Shiva in debate, thus hoping to insult him in front of his devotees. Lord Brahma's sons come and protest against Lord Shiva. They challenge Shiva to prove his ability to certify a creation as Veda.

Episode 110

Episode 112

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