EPISODE 114- 26 April,2012

Sati enters Kailash after performing all the rituals in presence of Lord Brahma, Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi. Sati faints when she sits on Lord Shiva's meditation place. In her unconscious state, she sees the aura of her real form, goddess Shakti. Lord Shiva gives Yoga Vidya to Sati to make her aware of her powers. Indra and Brihaspati seeks help from Lord Vishnu regarding Tarakasur's attack on Heaven. Vishnu suggests him to take help from Lord Shiva, but also warns them that even Mahadev cannot kill Tarakasur. Narad Muni Muni asks Daksh to come for the war between Demons and Gods. But Daksh blames Lord Shiva for the war.

Episode 113

Episode 115

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