EPISODE 116- 30 April, 2012

Lord Shiva rescues the Gods by using a fire snake stranglehold on Tarakasur so that he is unable to move. Sati is upset with Lord Shiva as he leaves her alone on the first night after marriage. Narad Muni congratulates Shiva on immobilising Tarakasur, while Shiva is thinking on ways to improve Sati's mood. Vidyunman, Tarakasur's son, requests Shukracharya to find a way to free his father from Shiva's fire snake hold. Shukracharaya tells him to find the way from Lord Shiva himself. Lord Shiva plays a comic drama on Kailash to cheer up Sati. In the drama, he becomes a saint and asks Nandi to play the role of a lady. The little piece of act makes Sati laugh. Lord Shiva assures Sati that he will entertain her every day.

Episode 115

Episode 117

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