EPISODE 117- 1 May, 2012

Lord Brahma and Goddess Saraswati invite Lord Shiva and Sati to a Yagya in Brahmalok. On the auspicious occasion of Yagya, both Mahadev and Daksh(alongwith Prasuti and Vijaya) arrive to Brahma's place. Prasuti suggests Daksh to welcome Mahadev. Instead of seeking blessing from Daksh, Mahadev blesses Daksh. An infuriated and insulted Daksh, with his ego hurt, vows not to invite Shiva to any event he organises and not to participate in any Yagya in which Mahadev participates. Sati is miffed with Mahadev for his actions and tells him that he has finally shown his arrogance of being God. Shiva explains that once Sati realises her existence as Shakti, she would understand his actions. Daksh decides to do a Sahasrakund Yagya and invite everybody except Shiva and Sati. Meanwhile, Vidyunman threatens to kill himself and pour blood over a Shivling if Shiva does not appear before him and grant him a boon. Nandi explains to Sati that being a Jagatguru, if Shiva had taken blessings from Daksh, Daksh would never have had freedom from the cycle of karma. So Shiva blessed Daksh to protect him from such a sin. Nandi pleads to Sati to cheer up Shiva. Prasuti tries convincing Daksh to change his decision, but Daksh is too stubborn to listen and tells Prasuti to choose which side she is on. Sati cheers Shiva up and asks him to spend the whole day with her. Shiva is about to answer when he hears the prayers from Vidyunman. Shiva comes on Vidyunman's calling and asks him to request for any boon except immortality and Tarakasur's freedom. In turn, Vidyunman asks Shiva to promise that he will give any boon except those two things. Vidyunman asks Shiva to be his bodyguard always and never leave him, so that even Yama, the god of death, cannot come without Vidyunman's permission. Mahadev tries to warn him that he could regret for it later, but Vidyunman is in no mood to listen. So Mahadev complies.

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Episode 118

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