EPISODE 121- 7 May, 2012

Tarakasur disguises as Narad Muni and informs her about the Yagya that Daksh is organizing and that she and Lord Shiva are not invited. Still, he tries to persuade Sati to go to her father's Yagya without Lord Shiva because he reasons that Daksh's previous Yagyas were never complete without Sati, so even this should not be a exception. Vijaya convinces Sati to come for the Yagya. Yet Sati decides to convince Shiva to come with her, even though both have not been invited for the Yagya. Vijaya is horrified as she overhears Rishi Bhrigu saying that the whole universe will be destroyed if Sati comes to Yagya without Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva tells Sati that he will accept her as his wife when she will be aware of her powers. Meanwhile, Vijaya tries to convince her father Daksh to invite Sati and Shiva or suffer the consequences of destruction, but Daksh again shows his arrogance and his hatred towards Shiva. He says even Chandrama was affected by his curse, but Vijaya reminds him that Chandrama was free of the curse due to Shiva and even though he is Daksh's son-in-law, he sits on Shiva's head, not under Prajapati's feet. Hearing this, Daksh throws out Vijaya. Meanwhile, Chandrama and Nagraj inform Shiva that they would not attend the Yagya, even though all the Gods except Shiva and Sati are invited. But Shiva says that they should respect the invitation and attend and he and Sati would stay back as they have not reecieved the invitation. Sati is disappointed at Shiva for this.

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Episode 122

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