EPISODE 144- June 7, 2012

Meenavati shouts at Parvati for lifting Lord Shiva's drum. She fears the influence of Lord Shiva would corrupt her daughter. Lakshmi is worried about this behaviour of Meenavati, which she compares to Daksh and Sati's situation, but Lord Vishnu says it is the motherly affection of Meenavati as a reason for her behaviour. He predicts that the day Parvati meets Lord Shiva is the day all obstacles will end. Some days later, Parvati keeps asking some children and Rishi Dadhichi whom would she marry. Rishi Dadhichi gives her Lord Shiva's idol and says she will marry Lord Shiva. This sends Meenavati into a frenzy and so she orders Parvati not to do anything without her permission.. After the few years, Tarakasur is informed that Parvati has been found, so he sends his demon soldiers to kill her. The soldiers go after Parvati, who prays for Lord Shiva to hekp her.

Episode 143

Episode 145

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