EPISODE 145- June 8, 2012

Rishi Dadhichi and Rishi Markandeya panic as Parvati goes missing from the Ashram. On listening to Parvati's prayer, Lord Shiva rescues her from Tarakasur's attack indirectly. Meenavati rebukes Rishi Dadhichi and intends to go out of his Ashram for Parvati's safety, but suddenly she meets with an accident. Rishi Markandeya enlightens Parvati about Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra power that bestowed him victory over his death at a very young age through Mahadev's grace, such that even Yama, the god of death, was forced to return back without Markandeya. Parvati renders the mantra for Meenavati's recovery.

Episode 144

Episode 146

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