EPISODE 147- 12 June, 2012

Himavat goes to Kashi along with Parvati. They meet Daksh and Prasuti in Kashi. Daksh tells Himavat about the mistake he did by not supporting Sati in her decision of marrying Lord Shiva. Daksh suggests Himavat not to follow his mistake. Meenvati and Himavat discuss about Daksh's plight and have differing opinions about it, with Meenavati taking Daksh's side. Then, Parvati goes and gives her food to Daksh, who blesses her. Meenavati has a dream that Himavat is donating Paravti to a saint. They suddenly notice Parvati is missing and go out in the night to find her. Veerman warns Tarakasur that if Parvati marries Lord Shiva, his death will be confirmed. Meenavati and Himavat find Parvati dancing among aghori sadhus with a trishul and drum in her hand and ash on her body.

Episode 146

Episode 148

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