89 episode

EPISODE 89- 27 March 2012

Lord Shiva(as Jata) is strolling outside in Daksh's palace garden and thinking about what Daksh and Sati said to him. He hears Sukarna's plea for rain and then fulfills it. As it is raining, Sati slips in the mud and is about to fall when Shiva catches her. That is the point where Sati realises that Jata is actually Mahadev. He assures Sati of his immense love for her and conveys that he is sacrificing his love for her welfare. On hearing Mahadev, Sati is inconsolable and berates Mahadev for his renouncement. Mahadev reminds Sati of her promise to Daksh. Sati agrees to marry Sadbhish to respect Daksh's sentiment.

Episode 88

Episode 90

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