EPISODE 91- 29 March 2012

Prajapati Daksh and Prasuti feel elated to see an attractive idol of Sadbhish and extend their gratitude to Jata for sculpting it. Sati reluctantly appreciates Jata and awards his great job. However, she is inconsolable to marry Sadbhish as she immensely loves Lord Shiva. While, Jata leaves Daksh's palace, Daksh requests him to sculpt an idol of Lord Shiva to impress the guests attending Sati's marriage. He intends to place the idol where the guests attending the marriage would leave their footwear. Despite the shock from others and Sevakram, Jata promises to complete the idol. Meanwhile, seing Sati's tears, Revati goes near Sadbhish's statue and intends to break it down, until Chandrama stops her. He explains to her that Jata is Lord Shiva himself and whatever he is doing has some reason behind it. Chandrama assures Revati that Shiva intends for Sati's well-being. Daksh informs everyone about the dates of marriage, while Rishi Angira interrupts by asking for the Prajapati's post. Daksh explains that it would take time for the formalities and that it would be done on the date of marriage. Sadbhish(possessed by Vritrasur) requests to take Sati to the Vishnu temple so that he could fulfill his vow given there before he had become handsome. Sati and Sadbhish leave.

Episode 90

Episode 92

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