EPISODE 92- 31 MARCH 2012

Vritrasur attacks Sati. Sati reaches Rishi Dadhichi's asharam and Dadhichi tries to fight Vritrasur, but the demon defeats him easily. Dadhichi then calls Lord Shiva to protect Sati. Shiva appears and puts Vritrasur out of Sadbhish's body. Vritrasur tries a new form against Mahadev, but is defeated. After seeing that Dadhichi tried to protect Sati, Shiva grants him boon that the bones of his body will becomes unbreakable like diamond. Sati and Sadbhish returns to palace, where the process of their engagement begins. But seing Sati's sad face during the engagement and realising she loves Shiva, he breaks his statue in front of everyone.

Episode 91

Episode 93

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