EPISODE 93- 1 April 2012

Sadbhish confesses his guilt near Prajapati Daksh and Sati. He says that after getting handsome, he felt more evil. Daksh is furious on learning about Sadbhish's confession and shouts at him and his father Angira Rishi for being against Sati's marriage. Daksh tries to get Angira to support the marriage, even offering him the Prajapati post wholly. But Sadbhish explains how Daksh; even being a Prajapati; has not left his arrogance, is treating his daughter's marriage as a business deal and has not been successful in keeping Sati happy. Angira agrees with his son and refuses the marriage. Daksh angrily announces that now he will organize Sati' swayamvar and frees Sati from the promise she made to him. Angira and Sadbhish leave. Meanwhile, Sati regrets of this incident thinking of Mahadev's welfare for her. Revati explains Sati that Shiva comes to free her from her promise to Daksh. Sati goes to apologize to Shiva (in disguise of Jata), but becomes more sad to know that Shiva left without meeting her. While Sati laments near Mahadev's idol, Daksh tries to console her.

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