EPISODE 94- 2 April 2012

Shiva says goodbye to Sukarna and takes a promise from him that he will always take care of his mother. Revati encourage Sati to find Shiva and apologize to him. Meanwhile, Prajapati Daksh holds a meeting with regard to Sati's marriage. He warns his people to attend Sati's marriage, failing which they will be severely punished. However, Kashyap and Bhrigu protest Daksh's opinion. Then Daksh insults them by saying that they are considered great only because they are his son-in-laws. Atri then declares to everyone present (excluding Daksh and Prasuti) that Jata was in fact Lord Shiva who had specially come to break Sati's promise to Daksh. Sati finds Shiva, she apologizes and requests him to take her with him to Kailash. However, Shiva asks her to decide if she is willing to abandon the family blessings and come to Kailash. Prasuti, who was following Sati, witnesses the whole event. She realises, though very late, the greateness of Lord Shiva in taking care that her daughter doesnt bring a bad name to their family.

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