EPISODE 95- 3 April 2012

Shiva tells Sati that he will accepts her only when her parents accepts him. Sati decides to honour Shiva's decision and tells him that she trusts him and even ready to wait for him. After hearing their conversation, Prasuti realises that Shiva is the epitome of goodness. She now decides to support Sati. Meanwhile, Aditi and Khyati are angry at their father Daksh's constant rebuking of his son-in-laws (Bhrigu and Kashyap) whom Daksh treats like his vassals. But Bhrigu and Kashyap decide not to act like Daksh and instead assemble the seven sages (Saptarishi). There, Bhrigu predicts that Sati will only marry Shiva, which Khyati and Aditi overhear. Meanwhile, Sati relays her conversation with Shiva to Revati and says she will talk about Shiva to her mother first. Khyati and Aditi support her too. Accordingly they all go to Daksh and ask him to abandon his ego and let Sati marries to Shiva. Daksha is wild at seeing this sudden turn of events; but the final blow is done when Prasuti declares that Sati is meant for Shiv only.

Episode 94

Episode 96

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