EPISODE 96- 4 April

Prasuti tries to enlighten Daksh about Lord Shiva's ideality and his renouncement of Sati's love. She is in favour of Sati and Lord Shiva's marriage. However, Daksh is strictly against her opinion. He refuses to bow down to Shiva and sticks to his decision. Rishi Kashyap and Revati protest Daksh. Meanwhile, Tarakasur makes another plan to kill Sati. Daksh forbids everyone to meet Sati till the swayamvar is finished. He asks Rishi Bhrigu to make a "Satyakaam Darpan" (a form of mirror at the entrance so that anyone who comes in disguise can be immediately identified); so that even if Shiva comes in disguise, he too would be recognized. Sati promises Daksh to obey his principles, but also says that she will not marry Shiva unless she can convince her father about it.

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