EPISODE 97- 5 April

Daksh desires to marry Sati at the earliest and he asks Rishi Bhrigu to make arrangements for the marriage, so Shiva can't come in Sati's swayamvar. Prasuti is despaired to learn about the impeding ceremony and prays to Lord Shiva for Sati's welfare. Rishi Kashyap, Revati, Khyati and Aditi also join in her soulful prayer. Lord Brahma comes to Lord Vishnu and Lakshmi, disappointed about his son Daksh's behaviour. Lord Vishnu then mentions that the magical mirror was going to play a very important role ahead. Sati conveys to Prasuti about her confidence in Lord Shiva's love and adds that Shiva will come for her. Daksh puts Shiva's statue on his palace's door to insult him and mentions scornfully to the statue that he will realise the magnitude of the shame when he is to stand and welcome the guests. The magical mirror (Satyakaam Darpan) comes out useful as three demons, disguised as possible suitors, enter through the mirror and are recognised, but flee away before they could be caught properly. Daksh then forbids anyone else from entering. Many eager contestants arrive as suitors to marry Sati. Swayamvar begins and Sati, carrying the garland of flowers in her hand, prays for Shiv to come.

Episode 96

Episode 98

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