EPISODE 98 - 6 April

Shiva appears in the swayamvar through his statue and Sati accepts him as her husband and he accepts Sati as his wife. Shiva tells Sati that their marriage only be valid when Daksh accepts it. An angry and shocked Daksh refuses to give his blessings to Shiva and Sati and tells their marriage as unfair and invalid. Dakhsa takes an ego-blinded stand that since he hadnt invited Shiva, the act of Sati accepting an uncalled person in the swayamvar doesn't arise. Everyone from Prasuti to Rishi Markendaya try to make Daksh understand but to no avail. Markendaya hails Sati's devotion and love that just on her calling, Shiv has appeared right from the statue in person; and that's how idol worship is all about concentrating God's form in a mere stone. But, Daksh is defiant and tells that his decision his final and takes Sati away from Shiva.

Episode 97

Episode 99

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